Austin Marathon Course "Re"visited

September 19, 2006

This morning with Steve’s Rogue Performance Project we had a marathon pace run that covered part (the hilly part) of the new proposed AT&T Austin Marathon course. We ran the leg starting at Pecos&Enfield and ending at Edgemont, 3.5 miles out and 3.5 back

Before we ran this leg the theory was that these hills wouldn’t effect the marathon time for the course too much … theory debunked. This section is tough and now just like Boston people need to figure out a race plan that is specific to each portion of the course if they expect to meet their goal.

For the course itself you’ll have some rolling hills before you hit Pecos and Enfield. The next mile (N or Pecos, R on Windsor, L of Exposition) is pretty gentle, low grade inclines and declines.

The 2nd mile is up and down exposition and just off 35th when you turn left … holding MGP isn’t difficult because of the long uphill and downhill sections, the toughest hill is the one leading upto Westover. The thing people need to figure out is what effort to run at where you aren’t pounding your quads on the downhills but not loosing too much time.

The 3rd mile (Along 35th, R on Balcones Woods, R on Edgemont) was an eye opener. You go down on 35th and then hit Balcones … at this point the hills are just nuts. My quads were really feeling it today and I wasn’t even running the whole marathon distance. The turn right onto Edgemond is where you hit the 3 mile mark and then the .5 miles till the road T’s is brutal, up-down-up-down

If you’re planning on running this marathon in ’07 and the course stays the same, run or at least drive this section so you can plan for it and train to take the course into account … just like you would for Boston.


Gatorade and High Fructose Corn Syrup

September 12, 2006

Whatever the arugment about high fructose corn syrup, since there is some argument about it being good/bad here’s an interesting thing I noticed with Gatorade bottles.

Gatorade used to list high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient. I checked again this weekend and saw “fructose sucrose syrup”, that was interesting. I found an older bottle that had “fructose sucrose syrup (high fructose corn syrup)” So if you’re a label reading and looking to avoid high fructose corn syrup check on this new “naming”.

VO2 Max Tests and Time Trials

September 7, 2006

Long time no post. I had a VO2 max test at the university of texas last week. The long and short of it is for the VO2 max test was it gave me a max maraton time of a 3:02 and a 10k around 40min. A 40 min 10k is close to a 6:26 min/mile pace. What is interesting is I’ve run a 1/2 marathon at a 6:32 min/mile pace. The VO2 max test seemed so far off that Steve et all decided no to use it since I’ve already run faster that the test says I can ever run. I don’t know of too many people this happens to.

This brings me to … it’s all mental. I’ve always been good at keeping pace but that seems to go too far where I’m just not used to pushing myself where I become uncomfortable. Had a 2 mile time trial today and ran it in 11:44 … again pretty slow given the paces I’ve been comfortably running some workouts lately. The run wasn’t too hard and I never got that burning sensation in my legs. So this morning I had a few thoughts:

  1. Forget training for a marathon next April and focus on 5k racing so I get used to pushing myself more.
  2. Ignore my time trial time and just train based on a 2:55 marathon fitness (10 min faster than the time trial indicates)
  3. Run the time trail again in a couple of weeks and just suck it up and do what it takes.

Have I decided anything … no. But one thing is for sure, learning to push and to become comfortable with pain at these shorter distances is definately an area I need to work on.

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