Running Hills

March 31, 2008

During the running 101 class the group reminded me of a mnemonic Steve Sission used for running up Hills – REST – below is my interpretation of or what I’ve remembered. I’m sure Steve has a lot more meaningful information.

elax – Nobody really likes hills, and that tends to make us tense up when we get to one. The most important thing is to stay relaxed, tensing up tends can bring your shoulders up, restrict your breating and basically make the hill running harder that it needs to be

ffort – Keep the same effort. It’s take more effort to keep the same pace going up hill, mind of makes sense but some of us tend to try and charge up a hill. That’s fine if you’re trying to break the person next to you mentally in a race but if you’re trying to keep your heart rate where it was then keep the same effort … that means your pace will be slower but don’t forget that what goes up must come down … ok sometimes you run up hill both ways but not most of the time.

Stride – Related to “Effort” (at least in my mind). Since you’re going up hill your stride length will shorten, just make sure you keep the same cadence (frequency at which your feet touch the ground).

ake the top – As you’re cresting over the hill it’s important to make sure you open your stride back up, since it shortened on the uphill you want to be back where you were from a speed standpiont as you were before the hill so it’s important to focus on taking the top of the hill.


Remembering Why I Started Running in the First Place

March 31, 2008

I was subbing for Ruth for her Running 101 class and it was a good reminder for why I started running in the first place. As part of the class the “coach” runs with the runners and we went from the Rogue Equipment store on E5th, west on 4th, and then up Congress around the capital and back.

It was good talking with everybody about why we all got started running in the first place. For me it was just to get healthy, I’d always been a couch potato and had a resting heart rate of 85. Now it’s closer to 50. Now the goals are more to see what I’m capable of, it’s either longer, harder or faster to see what you can push your body to. It was good though to remember the change running really can create in people’s lives, a good motivator to keep on going even when the alergies kick in or races don’t go the way I might have wanted them to.

Nike Air Zoom Hayward 3 – Style and Comfort

March 31, 2008

I bought a pair of Nike Haywards (the yellow one to the left) a few weeks ago. I’ll be honest, I didn’t buy them to run it, just liked the way they looked. I was going to SXSW interactive and thought I should get something trendy to fit in with the artsy crowd … my engineer self needed some help. I did get lots of comments about them so I guess it kind of worked.

For any of you thinking of running in a pair of Haywards they are for neutral efficient runners, more like Nike Frees than other shoes so make sure they’re right for you to run in.

And for those of you looking for a pair that don’t stand out as much as the yellow ones pictured above I saw these blue ones at the Rogue Equipment store this weekend.

Running easy runs easy

March 23, 2008

It really is amazing how many of us don’t do it because we feel good that day, there’s somebody else that we just want to catch, there’s a little voice saying do it do it … there’s always some justification and we’re all guilty of it.

Just like anything else in life the thing that has helped me avoid the temptation is to focus on the goal. The goal is to PR at a marathon, half marathon or 10k, not to kick everybody’s ass on a training run.

It’s not that running that one easy/long run hard will kill the season but it’s easy to make a habit of something I do so that one “I’ll push it” run ends up turning into many. In the end that hurts the goal, that PR. The long easy run is designed to build the endurance and work the energy systems for that purpose, it isn’t supposed to be a track workout so remembering what it’s purpose is and how that will help me with my real goal tends to help get things back in focus … that’s the other voice coming back and saying, don’t do it stupid or you’ll pay the price when it matters.

Running Logs

March 18, 2008

On and off I’ve tried to use different running logs and sites. Nothing really does what each person wants so I’ve ended up using an excel spreadsheet with calendar templates. Unfortunatley my excel file seems to be corrupted where I can’t copy or save it so now I’m back to trying a few different sites out.

The nike log seems interesting, lots of flexibility in what you can track, but it does have some issues. These include:

  1. It can take quite a bit of time to enter in your training plan
  2. The calendar display just shows you there is something there by color code but there’s no summary text or preview of what you logged or what you have coming up. So it’s not possible to quickly scan what you need to do on any given day.
  3. The “export” functionality is pretty much useless. All it does is create entries that say “Nike Log Activity”, but none of the details of what you entered as needing to do on a given day. I know I need to do something, thanks for letting me know ?!?!

So what does all that mean, I have a text file to keep track of shoes until i get the motivation to recreate my excel log. At least I can still read the file contents, so now I’ll just have to create another version and hope this one doesn’t get corrupted.

My Daisy 5k

March 15, 2008

It’s been a long time coming but I really needed to get a race to force me back into running. Since the summer it’s been difficult to get a focus but the performance today will for me to get back into shape. The course was great, as you can hear from the interviews in the earlier post. The first 1.75 miles are probably downhill as you head from the Rogue Equipment store on Est 5th to Comal, south there, east on 4th and then take Chamblers down to the river and then head back.

As did most people I went out too fast, the goal was to run a 6:15 pace consistently, that’s almost 12 seconds per mile off my PR earlier last year but that’s my fitness. You quickly learn that you have to race based on where you are today and not get fixated on what could be. The first two miles were closer to 6:02 and after 2.5 I just blew up, started almost jogging until we were back on Comal, in the end the time was 19:25 which was a 6:15 pace overall … go figure.

Daisy 5k Interviews with the Runners

March 15, 2008

Muna Mitchell

The race director for the Daisy 5k, Muna Mitchell, discusses the race which has a record number of participants right after the start. Muna predicted that the men wouldn’t catch the front running women but this year the nail biting finish saw Joe Thorne beat Kelly Hendel.

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Carmen Troncoso

Carmen Troncoso talks about her Daisy 5k race on March 15th, 2008 where she finished second overall woman, 1st Masters women. This race was a prep for the Carlsbad 5000 she’s planning on competing in two weeks.

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Shannon Presley

Shannon Presley was the 3rd overall female finisher, Shannon is preparing for Freihofer’s and this race was a way for her to gauge her fitness. Shannon has been training with Carmen Troncoso.

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Eric has been racing well recently and enjoyed the course, finishing 3rd overall. Eric is hoping to race a few more 5ks in the area and has been training with Ricardo Troncoso.

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Jen Stuart

Jen Stuart discusses the Daisy 5k race and course which she enjoyed, she was one of the few that thought the course went downhill both way! Jen is planning on doing the Cap 10k.

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Ricardo Troncoso

Ricardo Troncoso talks about who he’s been coaching lately, including his wife Carmen Troncoso. Ricardo also shares his last Daisy 5k experience, where he managed to finish half of the race.

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Scott Birk

Scott Burke discusses how the Distance Challenge went for him as well as his focus on getting back into shape with the Sprint Series.

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Panther discusses his goals for the Daisy 5k and the challenges of moving from Marathon training to the 5k and 10k season.

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AJ Zelinski

AJ Zelinski from Advanced Rehabilitation was the Rogue Equipment store performing an injury clinic at the Daisy 5k. AJ and his team plan to be at the Rogue Equipment store every Saturday.

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Lou discusses the Daisy 5k race. Lou’s been training recently with Gilbert’s Gazelles.

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Adnan Khaleel

Adnan Khaleel shares his thoughts about the Daisy 5k course.

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