Running Logs

On and off I’ve tried to use different running logs and sites. Nothing really does what each person wants so I’ve ended up using an excel spreadsheet with calendar templates. Unfortunatley my excel file seems to be corrupted where I can’t copy or save it so now I’m back to trying a few different sites out.

The nike log seems interesting, lots of flexibility in what you can track, but it does have some issues. These include:

  1. It can take quite a bit of time to enter in your training plan
  2. The calendar display just shows you there is something there by color code but there’s no summary text or preview of what you logged or what you have coming up. So it’s not possible to quickly scan what you need to do on any given day.
  3. The “export” functionality is pretty much useless. All it does is create entries that say “Nike Log Activity”, but none of the details of what you entered as needing to do on a given day. I know I need to do something, thanks for letting me know ?!?!

So what does all that mean, I have a text file to keep track of shoes until i get the motivation to recreate my excel log. At least I can still read the file contents, so now I’ll just have to create another version and hope this one doesn’t get corrupted.


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