Austinites at Women’s Olympic Trials

April 20, 2008

In the last year and a half I’ve been fortunate to train with Ricardo and Carmen Troncoso and Rogue. During that time I had a chance to run with, ok didn’t really run “with” but warmed up with on occasion”, both Chris Kimbrough and Cassandra Kenkel, who ran in the Olympic Trials today. Chris was the first Ausinite to finish (39th in a time of 2:43:45). It’s interesting talking to both Chris and Cassie about the commitment required to train, Chris is a mother of 4 and she and her family have been able to get together to this significant achievement.

As both Chris and Cassie have said thinking about what drives us and why we’re running or training is key to keeping focused and committed to running.


Common Running Injuries

April 8, 2008

The 10k group at Rogue had a tempo run this Saturday. A 1.75 mile warmup, 4 miles tempo and 1.25 cool down. The weather couldn’t have been better, close to 53 degrees.

After the run one of the doctors from Advanced Rehabilitation was at the Rogue Equipment store and we got to talking about how types of injuries seem to come in waves. It was interesting to me to relate it back to the series of “lessons I’ve learned” through the years of training. The first time I did any real pace work on the track, shin problems, that seems to be pretty common since most of us may not have built up the stability and strength needed to handle the increased forces that come with the faster speed. That type of injury versus the repetitive strain injuries from longer distance (and somewhat slower) training should differ in frequency. I’m not saying the same injuries don’t show up since it’s all relative and specific to the person but it does get you thinking about different strategies for avoiding injuries for people depending on what they’re focusing on at the time.

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