Feeling the miles and the training

This morning was the first time I felt the effects of the training start really impacting me, I’ve been anticipating this to happen at some point since I started with Team Rogue since the 6 months before this were basically 15 to 20 mile weeks. It’s funny that just yesterday I jumped the gun a little talking about how in two weeks I should consider changing my steady state runs.

As I woke up today for my 7 mile run I felt a little tired so I decided to just run and not worry about time until I got done. It ended up being around an 8:05 pace with the run north through campus slower than coming back down. This is about 20 to 30 seconds slower than what my natural easy pace has been lately but it’s what I needed to do today to recover from the mileage increase and the steady state run yesterday.

At least in my post yesterday I did say I need to see how next week feels and I’m doing  before deciding what to change with my steady state runs on Tuesday. Good reminder for me to keep paying attention to the body and how I’m feeling and not planning too far ahead 😉


2 Responses to Feeling the miles and the training

  1. Wiley says:

    It was the damn Cafe Mundi meal you ate. I was tired too. There was no substantial fuel in that sammich. Wasted money. I’ll go back, but not with an empty stomach.

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