Second steady state run went according to plan, time to switch it up

Today was the second of our steady state runs, the hardest effort we’re running for around another 7 weeks. Last week I came back from a week on vacation so had pretty fresh legs. That made the 8 miles progressive ending close to half marathon pace last Tuesday relatively comfortable, as comfortable as running at half marathon pace gets. Coming into this week with a week of consistent running I was expecting the run to feel a little harder. I was a little tighter from the long run this weekend but for the most part the steady state run was almost the same as last time. I may have picked up the first 2 miles more than I did last week but again the last two miles had me around a 6:35 pace at a nice controlled effort.

Looking at next week I think I need to stick to the progressive approach of this week and last week. If I can do that with the same effort level as this week then I think it’ll be time to try and switch up the Tuesday run. If next week goes well it’ll be the third week at a decent mileage and 3 steady state runs. After that I think I’ll try and find a pace between half marathon and marathon and try and maintain that for the last 4 miles of the steady state. So that should be mile warm-up, pick up every 2 miles for the next four, and then 4 between 6:30 and 6:50 and then a mile cool down. It all of course depends on how next week goes but that’s the fun part of figuring out how the body reacts to this training and making the necessary adjustments.


2 Responses to Second steady state run went according to plan, time to switch it up

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