A painful 3 miles

August 31, 2008

Today was a day for humility. I was running the 3 mile loop from the Rock on Town Lake Trail. The only good part about the run is my foot seems to be fine, I have some tigthness in the calfs from the run on Friday and lack of warmup but nothing bad. On today’s run though I just couldn’t run more than a quarter or half mile without having to stop and walk because of pain in the abdomen. It wasn’t quite a side stich but very similar. I must have strained something in my right side of the body. While I was running may pace was close to a 12 min mile so it really was a day of plodding along. Just need to keep control of the running form and ease back into things over the course of this week.


Unexpected “race” on Friday and 10 miles Saturday

August 30, 2008

Team Rogue had 14 teams at the Zilker Relay’s last night. The teams were “leveled out” by Steve and Ruth. They took the marathon goal times of everybody in the team and tried to even out the teams so we’d all be able to compete against each other and put up prizes for the teams as well. I wasn’t planning on being in Austin Friday but then ended up being in town, and then I’ve been injured so wasn’t going to run yesterday but just spectate. Last minute, well 5 to 10 minutes before the second last leg was coming in I subbed for Ruth who was having some foot problems. There was little time to warm up and it was hard for me to know how my right foot would react to the greater stress with a faster pace. So it was off to the Races as Derek came in, surprised to see me there for the hand off instead of Ruth I’m sure. I was wearing my Nike Hayward, which I don’t run in, about a mile into the 2.5 mile course my shoe laces came untied which had to be remedied. I just don’t think about double knotting when I’m not running. The overall pace for my 2.5 was right over 6 min, under my 5k PR which was sub 6 min pace but it felt good and moreover I felt no foot pain, I felt tight everywhere else but that’s to be expected with the light weeks and lack of warm up.

Today was a real test of the foot to see if it can stay of the fatigue. I manned the last water stop from 5:30 to 7:30 and ran back at 7:45 from there to Rogue store and Annex. Went out way too fast today, somewhere between a 7:00 and 7:10 pace … really feel it in the quads but again no foot pain so it looks like I’m doing well with the injury. I still need to make sure I keep icing, stretching and doing foot exercises but hopefully in another week I’ll work my mileage back up to be able to join the team on the training runs.

Two 5 Mile Runs and No Pain

August 29, 2008

This was my week to test out my foot, unfortunately I haven’t really done much else since non running life has had a lot going on (more on that later). I met the group Tuesday and Thursday for the regular runs. Managed 40 minutes (around 5 miles) on both days and the foot felt fine. I don’t think it’s 100% yet though. I didn’t try and push off very hard and do think faster paces will be a little tougher right now and very long distances may not be the best idea.

Tonight is the zilker relays, I’m not slated to run but may need to sub for somebody in case one of the 14 Team Rogue teams has a last minute person drop out. Not being able to run fast shouldn’t be as huge a deal this time round since the teams are racing against each other. Ruth and Steve divided the people up between the teams to try and even them out, it should be fun to see how it goes since in theory the teams should all be relatively close to each other in overall time. Each team will probably have the legs broken up differently as far as fastest person first or last so the finish should be exciting to see.

One week off, let’s see what tomorrow holds

August 26, 2008

Last Tuesday is the last time I ran, since then it’s been a couple of spin classes and the weekend was consumed by working the run course at a Tri. Tomorrow morning will be an attempt to test out my foot again with a 4 mile run. I really don’t have great expectations though, I haven’t done all the things I should with foot exercises, icing etc … all my fault. Non running life and stress has unfortunately gotten in the way but that’s life. Hope the follow-up to this post results is about me running a little more this week than last.

Next downtown special events/road closure task force meeting this Monday

August 21, 2008

The next meeting has been confirmed for Monday August the 25th at the Waller Building of 10th Street. You can stay informed about the meeting and see notes and discussion about meeting on the 11th on this page at keepaustinrunning.org

Ah the slow road the recovery

August 19, 2008

I’ve been taking it relatively easy and probably got a little lazy with my icing, stretching and strengthening. After the somewhat short runs on Saturday and Sunday without too much discomfort I did get lazy about icing and all the other things I’m supposed to do. I decided to take a spinning class on Monday and then tried to run 4 miles today with the group. I did manage 3.5 and then had to walk because I felt some discomfort on the outside of my right foot … nothing crazy but why aggravate it. Now I need to make sure I ice twice a day, stretch twice a day, take the ibuprofen I’m supposed to and do the towel grab exercises … my laziness will be the thing that determines how long I take to get back into the groove of things.

Coming back from injury

August 17, 2008

For any of you that know me you should know by now that I’m a pretty conservative runner and am especially so with injuries. Since I’ve had this foot sprain since Tuesday I’ve eased back into getting on the road. Tuesday was a visit to the doctor to make sure nothing serious was wrong, it wasn’t. Wednesday was a massage to release the tension and work out the plantar and any other tightness in the calf. Then ice and stretching till Saturday morning.

Saturday morning was a 2 mile run walk and Sunday was the 3 mile loop around Town Lake. I don’t think I’ve run that loop in a while so it was nice change. I still have some soreness on the underside of my foot and the outside of my foot but nothing too painful. Just need to keep on icing and try and get 3 to 5 miles in on a few runs this week and then ease back into my mileage so I can join back with the group when we start the higher intensity phase in September.

My previous injuries have been a blessing in disguise so I hope this one is the same. I was training for the 2006 3M half marathon and the 2006 Boston marathon. I changed my shoes (yes stupid I know), asked the shoe floor attendant for something similar to the Mizuno Precisions but I guess they weren’t really that similar,  the month before 3M right when we were peaking and the new brand just didn’t work and I hurt myself. I did end up getting better for 3M but only ran half of it and found somebody to pace for the last part of it and just did that. It took another 2 to 3 weeks to become 100% and then it was time to ramp up the mileage for Boston. Boston 2006 ended up being a PR for me with a time of 3:01:09 The injury, in hindsight, prevented me from peaking too early for Boston which I attribute to the good race. Not sure what this injury means for CIM but I’ll just keep putting one foot in-front of the other till December and see how things go.

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