Change up to the steady state run today

Steve changed up the steady state run today. It was 4 miles easy followed by 4 progressively faster, and we had the go ahead to go faster than 1/2 marathon pace. I’ve decided that this week I’m going to back off on mileage since it’s been a good 8 weeks of continuous mileage increase. The new plan for the steady state run was a nice change to the routine.

On the way back on the four miles the goal was to run each mile faster by around 15 seconds for me. I don’t remember the exact splits but in the general ball park they went 6:50, 6:25, 6:10, 5:50 I think my 5k pr was somewhere right around a sub 6:00 pace so it was good to be able to get close to that on the last mile. I would plan for next week but who knows what Steve will have in store for us.

On the injury front the Plantar on the right foot is still there, no change for the better or worse, but I haven’t been regularly doing the exercises so I only have myself to blame.


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