On the road to recovery?

4 miles into the workout yesterday I decided to back off and ended up walking quite a bit of the way back. Got in to see the doctor yesterday, really wanted to make sure I hadn’t done something bad since the onset of the pain was pretty sudden. The diagnosis … I sprained/strained some ligaments on the underside of my right foot, that also ended up aggrevating my plantar. He suggested, ice, keeping the calfs loose and working on those foot exercises I’ve been bad about keeping up with … and getting some release word done on the foot.

Today I saw Lisa who worked on my legs, let’s just say there were a few moments of pain but today was about getting through that for the long term benefit. My plan now is to hit the bike at the gym for 30 to 40 minutes the next two days, ice regularly, use the TP massage for the calf. I’ll hopefully get a short run in Satruday morning with the Running 101 group to test out the foot and then gradually get back into the swing of things over a couple of week.

Guess I won’t be hitting the 70 mile base mark for the next two weeks. The goal now is to get back into running and be pain free by September when we start up the next phase with speed work.


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