Two 5 Mile Runs and No Pain

This was my week to test out my foot, unfortunately I haven’t really done much else since non running life has had a lot going on (more on that later). I met the group Tuesday and Thursday for the regular runs. Managed 40 minutes (around 5 miles) on both days and the foot felt fine. I don’t think it’s 100% yet though. I didn’t try and push off very hard and do think faster paces will be a little tougher right now and very long distances may not be the best idea.

Tonight is the zilker relays, I’m not slated to run but may need to sub for somebody in case one of the 14 Team Rogue teams has a last minute person drop out. Not being able to run fast shouldn’t be as huge a deal this time round since the teams are racing against each other. Ruth and Steve divided the people up between the teams to try and even them out, it should be fun to see how it goes since in theory the teams should all be relatively close to each other in overall time. Each team will probably have the legs broken up differently as far as fastest person first or last so the finish should be exciting to see.


One Response to Two 5 Mile Runs and No Pain

  1. Wiley says:

    I think you’re making way too many assumptions based on sisson-england theory. hahaha

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