Unexpected “race” on Friday and 10 miles Saturday

Team Rogue had 14 teams at the Zilker Relay’s last night. The teams were “leveled out” by Steve and Ruth. They took the marathon goal times of everybody in the team and tried to even out the teams so we’d all be able to compete against each other and put up prizes for the teams as well. I wasn’t planning on being in Austin Friday but then ended up being in town, and then I’ve been injured so wasn’t going to run yesterday but just spectate. Last minute, well 5 to 10 minutes before the second last leg was coming in I subbed for Ruth who was having some foot problems. There was little time to warm up and it was hard for me to know how my right foot would react to the greater stress with a faster pace. So it was off to the Races as Derek came in, surprised to see me there for the hand off instead of Ruth I’m sure. I was wearing my Nike Hayward, which I don’t run in, about a mile into the 2.5 mile course my shoe laces came untied which had to be remedied. I just don’t think about double knotting when I’m not running. The overall pace for my 2.5 was right over 6 min, under my 5k PR which was sub 6 min pace but it felt good and moreover I felt no foot pain, I felt tight everywhere else but that’s to be expected with the light weeks and lack of warm up.

Today was a real test of the foot to see if it can stay of the fatigue. I manned the last water stop from 5:30 to 7:30 and ran back at 7:45 from there to Rogue store and Annex. Went out way too fast today, somewhere between a 7:00 and 7:10 pace … really feel it in the quads but again no foot pain so it looks like I’m doing well with the injury. I still need to make sure I keep icing, stretching and doing foot exercises but hopefully in another week I’ll work my mileage back up to be able to join the team on the training runs.


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