Getting motivation from all the races this weekend

This weekend had no shortage of races to get your adranaline pumping. Friday started with the Zilker Relays, a 10 mile race consisting of four 2.5 mile legs. Sunday evening was the Nike Human Race, Austin was one of 5 cities in the US out of 25 or so worldwide. Looking at the Human Race site Austin had the second fastest overall pace worldwide, behind Taipei (54:51). This morning was the Austin Triathlon.

It was great to be out there for all three of these events this weekend cheering on the participants (and stepping in last minute for a 2.5 mile run on Friday). There something about races and seeing peopel of all walks of life and all shapes and sizes particpating in their first or tenth 10k. It’s these types of races that are a good reminder for me about where I used to be when I started running and a good motivator to get refocused on my training so I can feel good about getting up on the line for a race in the near future. I think the Si Labs Relay will be one for me to aim for a decent time on to see where my fitness stands before CIM on the way to the goal race at Boston in 2009.


One Response to Getting motivation from all the races this weekend

  1. kamranshah says:

    So the site for the Nike Human race keeps updating the average paces. Austin is a lot slower now, I guess this will settle down after people using the Nike ID chips upload their information.

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