Why I run versus why I train

The last week or two have been a little more contemplative for me, not quite the meaning of life stuff but more about specific things in life, do I really want to do them, which ones are more important and what should I spend my time on. This got me thinking about running and you might remember my earlier post about getting serious about CIM and breaking 3:00 as a goal I’ve set. That goal is my goal but I also wanted to think through what I enjoy about running and training. At office hours with Steve, Kate was there as well and we had some good conversations about pressure and why we’re training for CIM.

As I thought more about this I realized there are reasons I run and there are things I have as goals and motivations for training for CIM, and they aren’t necessarily the same. I remember a seminar from Amy a year ago where she was talking about motivation and asked people to really think about why they’re training for a marathon, that motivation is what helps keep on training and deal with the inevitable pain/discomfort at mile 20.

So I started running because I was unfit. I run now because I enjoy the social aspect of it, the friends, the healthy lifestyle, the community with other runners and there is the curiosity of discovering what my body is capable of. That is why I run. The last reason of discovering what my body is capable of starts bleeding into reasons for why I train and want to train hard. When I look back at past training seasons, the ones I felt proudest of where where I felt like I pushed myself to what I thought my limit was at the time and when I raced according to the race plan I set (A, B or C). So my reasons for training are really to see what I’m capable of, how much can my body handle and what fitness can I achieve … measured in speed for now at a marathon distance (at one point it was how much pain I could stand in the chest during a 5k). So the next 7 months need to be about pushing up as close as possible to the breaking point, backing off and then going again and seeing what I can do at CIM and Boston.

I’m sure I’ll learn more about my reasons for running over the next 7 months, I’m talking this training season as more than going through the motions but using it to learn more about myself. I know running has changed my life and my outlook on many things, I want to understand that a little more now and see if I can make the training more meaningful for me than it may have been in the past.

Today’s Run
3.5 Miles Up
4 Mile Tempo (first mile short, total around 3.94(
1.5 Miles Down


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