Limiting races in downtown Austin

Yesterday was the first meeting after last weeks 12 to 0 vote by the Task Force to limit events in downtown Austin. I posted details on all the discussion on the site so please feel free to discuss the topic there:

Let’s just say it was an interesting meeting. One thing that did come out of it is that members of the Task Force recognized that a vision and objectives are needed instead of focusing on specific items and voting on them. There were a couple of task force members that said we seem to be in the details and have missed step A and step B.

There were also some good points about impact on churches and examples where events like the Capital 10k have done a good job with addressing access and traffic for people attending services at churches. There were also some choice quotes:

Paul Carroza in reference to the 12-0 vote last week – “The vote bothered me and it bothers me that I voted for it.”

John Conley while discussing the need for fewer races – “There should be some rules and reasons to limit them, having said that I don’t know what they are. Having three races at the same time what does that mean? If I had my druthers I’d only have my race so I don’t have to compete.”

Now of course don’t take the quotes out of context. I brought up the 12-0 vote being an issue, the task force did bring up that this is only the first reading but my point was that if you don’t believe in something you shouldn’t vote in favor of it even if there is a second reading. When you vote you’re supporting it as stated. Similar to zoning cases with three readings before city council, if somebody is against it their vote is how they express it in the first reading.

John’s comment was related to a discussion about needing fewer events and then races specifically. There’s probably some truth to what he’s saying but the broader point is that only so many races can really be supported on a given weekend. The big question is how it’s decided which ones. You can see some of my commentary on the forum post:


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