Got Soul? – part two

Today was the second Soul Buster/Maker. The run was around 28 miles, with mile 21 through 26 on a track. 21/22 at MGP, 23/24 at Half MGP, and then 25/26 at 10k pace. It was a tough course and for me one of the hardest workouts I can remember. The summary is today was pretty much on the opposite end of the great workout Thursday where I hit my 6:00 min per mile pace for the track workout.

I decided to try for the 2:55 marathon based pace training. I won’t even list them out since I didn’t manage the track part of the run. After 2 miles it was clear that getting any faster than 6:40 was not going to happen today. The attitude for me at that point was to go as hard as I could and survive. Running through my head was the thought that if I blow up at a race this is what it’ll be like so deal with it and do what you can. The pace went something like 6:40, then at some point 6:45 then 6:50 and then the last mile was probably 7:20. I’m really glad I didn’t give up and got the mileage in … don’t get me wrong I am disappointed that I didn’t manage the times I needed to but this is where I am so I need to move on from here and do what I need to to perform at CIM.

Current Wins: Survived a 27 mile run, a smile, found storage bench for loft,

Current Losses: 27 mile run not run according to plan, good friend had a worse run than me,


2 Responses to Got Soul? – part two

  1. jennhb says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. It was an ass-kicking, soul-buster workout and YOU DID IT!!! So, it wasn’t exactly to plan . . . the important thing is that you did it, and when you meet your goals at CIF, this workout will be one of the reasons why!

  2. Good job on getting the miles in. We’ll have a chance to redeem ourselves at SB#3. You did great gutting it out 🙂

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