It’s all about consistency and the long haul

During our training I’ve really come to appreciate and respect the members of our team. The dedication and consistency shown by everybody has been a great motivator. I was thinking about it this morning and one of my goals for the training season after CIM leading to Boston is to be more dedicated and consistent like a number of other people in the team have been like Mike, Ken, and Bruce to name a few. Lately I’ve also gotten the sense that our “team” has come together even more from the standpoint of supporting each other … but still making sure there’s enough honesty and of course ridiculing when needed 🙂

CIM for me has turned into … well starting on the road to being consistent and dedicated along the lines of the example set by others. To that end the last few weeks I’ve been focusing on getting to the gym at least twice a week. Not spending a lot of time there but at least getting basic leg and core work done. I’ve had to take a little easy on the core side because of my lingering side stitch issue but just getting in there has helped with the onset or runners knee. After this weekend it would have been easy for me to skip out on the gym on Monday and I’m glad I didn’t.

This week is my first week back on the job at NI so I knew taking on any new things for running would be a bad idea. So over the next couple of weeks I would like to get in place is my strength training regimen and my nutrition. That means getting with Mark at South Congress Gym and then a nutritionist. If I can get those two things in place and routine by the time we race CIM I’ll be very satisfied. I realize that I won’t have this in place for my training for CIM so getting into a good routine by CIM seems like a reasonable target. If I can do that I should have all the pieces together from a training base, general strength and nutrition standpoint for me to ramp my training up for Boston and try and push myself as hard as I can.

Todays Run: 16×200 at 5k pace (43s) – On target

Current Wins: New job started, No runners knee from 27 mile run on Saturday,

Current Losses: Longer drive to work and Mopac traffic, KXAN and Time Warner Spat


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