Guaging where my fitness is on Sunday

I’m generally feeling pretty good about where I am physically and mentally leading up to CIM. My run on Satruday wasn’t exactly a confidence booster but I think I’m in good shape for a 3:00 marathon. I may need to tweak when and were I push myself on the 2:55 based effort and maybe find a happy medium between the two.

This weekend at CIM I’m targetting a 3:00 based 10k race, so that’s the goal. In the case I feel good the last mile is there to push harder but it’s really about making sure I’m comfortable with a 10k pace that puts me in good stead for a 3:00 marathon. After the race and depending on how it goes it’ll be about starting to prep for CIM and getting a race plan together … which will then drive my training in the remaining months.

Run Today: 4M Tempo 6:25ish pace

Current Wins: Learning the ropes at work, doing better with food and hydration

Current Losses: Less free time, stress faced by friends


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