Snacks for Marathon Weekend – Check

November 30, 2008

I haven’t really got too much that I’m taking with me, the goal isn’t taste or variety just get the food I need into me. So my big list of stuff I’m taking with me is:

  1. Box of Cliff Bars (12 mojo bars). I’ll probably end up going through 6 on Fri and Sat and one Sun morning.
  2. Nutella. I do NOT like peanut butter. I think PB is an American thing and try as I might to like it it just isn’t going to happen.
  3. Nuun electrolyte tabs.

One nice thing about the hotel is the rooms have kitchenettes so space to put food and keep it cool. Once in Sacramento I need to make a few purchases:

  1. Bread. For the Nutella 🙂
  2. Bottles of water.
  3. Bottles of Gatorade (yuck), Vitamin Water (not as yuck) or other “energy drink”.

Time to start laying out all the clothes and stuff for the trip now to make sure I have everything I need.


Last Sunday run before CIM

November 30, 2008

Today was 7M @ 8am @BS … or 7 miles at 8 am at Barton Springs. It was right around 50 degrees and a great run with Mike, Jo Dee and Ken. I realized I’ve been a little lazy with my foot exercises and TP massage lately and felt it when I woke up today, guess I know what I’ll be doing with the extra time during the taper.

Picture Perfect Running Weather and Fall Colors

Picture Perfect Running Weather and Fall Colors

Last long run – check

November 29, 2008

Today was a 13 mile run, we’re one week out now from CIM. It was a easy long run with us closing the last 15 or so minutes. Total run was around a 7:30 pace and I’m guessing I was in the low 6 min pace range for my last two miles.

Today was also another test of the race gear. I wore the Team Rogue singlet and shorts, race socks, pinned Gus as I would (had an extra one to pretend) and also the termolytes. For the termolytes I used Mike’s patented technique which worked great … thanks Mike for the technique and the baggies. Everything seems to be in place now as far as those logistics go, now it’s a matter of going out and running the race according to plan.

Current Wins: Aches and pains maintained at the same level, 4 day weekend, blue

Current Losses: Overcast sky, swelling on underside of right foot

Throw away layer – check

November 28, 2008

Goodwill rocks. It’s good for not only giving but getting. It’s a great place to find race gear, especially throw away layers. I ended up keeping a few things from a batch I was dropping off and picked up a few.

Throw away clothes for CIM

Throw away clothes for CIM

The Mizuno jacket and the tights were my purchases from Goodwill today. Yes, the tights are women’s tights … they didn’t have any mens sports wear … c’est la vie. The shirt is a polo I was giong to get rid of, the buttons are nice since I can leave them open which makes it easy to get rid of them. The Hat and scarf are a pair I’ve had for close to 8 years I was going to drop off today but kept for the race instead. The socks are … well those are my version of a throw away gloves.

One more thing off the list for the marathon.

Not writing in complete sentences can get you in trouble

November 28, 2008

We were playing a game called “Would you rather?” and one of the things in the game is where each person writes down their choice and their reason for the answer. Let’s just say that somebody didn’t really write down what they were thinking in complete sentences and here’s what they ended up writing.


The question was would you rather feed your children through regurgitation or keep your children clean by licking them. This person selected “lick” and the explanation was they’re anal retentive and so since they would be really good about keeping the children clean they wouldn’t spend much time each time cleaning. Yes, this game is fuuunnnyy.

Paying attention to my arms to control my side stitch

November 27, 2008

Met Mike, Ken and Larry for a the Tempo run. 2 mile warm-up, then 4 mile tempo and a mile cool down before soaking at Barton Springs.  It was a little humid today and the tempo run wasn’t as smooth as I would have hoped but overall not bad.


During the warm-up I started feeling my side tighted up so it took some focusing during the run to keep it under control. On today’s run and some recent ones I have noticed that when I’m struggling with my breathing or run I modify my arm movement. I do two things. The first is my shoulders tend to rise up and the second is my arm swing starts to rotate a little more. It’s not a lot of rotation but to keep my side stitch away I have to remember to relax my shoulders and also focus on moving my arms in more of a straight line forwards and backwards. I’ve tried this the last few times and it seems to be working.

The end of the tempo run on the Enfield 4 Mile loop is fast and today I wanted to make sure I kept it well under control, really trying to mentally map it to taking downhills easy at CIM and keeping the pace under control for the first 20 miles. I used the last mile to focus on my form, my foot strike, push off, swing back and forward. Just a few more runs to visualize the different states of the race.

Some amazing athletes

November 26, 2008

I remember some of our morning runs where Keven actually had company, since he’s the ultra fast guy in Team Rogue it ended up being Brandon Marsh and Paul Terranova that he was able to run with. It was always impressive to see those guys running together on those early morning Tuesday and Thursday runs.

Both Brandon and Paul were at Iron Man Arizona, Brandon apparently had some stomach issues and finished in 9:16:44 and Paul in a time of 9:28:24 … wow.

I also found out recently that Brandon will be the Head Coach for the Rogue Cap Tex Tri training, should be fun for the folks in that group.

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