No more flip flops till the marathon

There are times where my conversations with runners just don’t make sense with anybody else. At work today I was talking with a couple of people about going to the doctor to figure out what is wrong with my foot. One response was, “the 20 miles you ran yesterday”. Ok, yes, the miles are a part of it but when you’re training as much as members of Team Rogue aches and pains are part of the process. Really each thing I’ve encountered has pointed out a different imbalance and it’s just working through all of them.

I did go see the doctor and ended up getting a little release work done on my foot and leg. One thing the doctor asked me was if I was wearing flip flops. Come to think of it I had started wearing them more often over the last month to two. He said I should stop doing it for a while. Apparently the way we use our feet tends to be different when wearing flip flops and that’s been stressing my foot as well. So wearing flip flops isn’t the only reason for my foot issues but it added just a little more strain to something already tight and wound up.

In addition retiring my flip flops for a while, ice, ibuprofen, stretching and some massage work are part of the recovery regimen.


2 Responses to No more flip flops till the marathon

  1. jennhb says:

    Having to give up flip flops. That’s rough, but at least it is supposed to be fall and cooling down. Hang in there. That foot wants to heal and run a fast marathon in a few weeks.

  2. Priscilla says:

    Wow, no flip flops, that’s too funny!! At least the weather will support you 🙂

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