Getting everything ready for race morning

Another race preperation item is laying everything out for race morning the day before the race. The weather for the race will be a little colder, around 38 degrees at the start and should still be below 50 degrees three hours from the start.

I have everything ready for race morning except for breakfast, which will consist of two slices of bread and Nutella 2.5 house before the start and a cliff bar an hour or so before the start..

In the picture you can see everything laid out. Shorts, with GUs and Thermolytes pinned on the right, next to the singlet with race number. Right on top of the shorts is my allergy medication so I don’t forget it. Moving left, socks, long sleave layer and arm warmers, then a jacket and sweats to throw away as well as a hat. At the very end the gloves. You can also see a small water bottle I plan to run the first two to three miles with to get water in case the stops are too busy until things start thinning out.

Getting everything done this way makes the morning a lot less stressful so the focus can be on getting mentally prepared to race.


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