Thank you for the inspiration

This is my public thank you to the people I’ve trained with these past few months. I’ve been in many training programs but have found the last few months with Team Rogue the most fulfilling. It doesn’t have to do with the sub 3 hour marathon but with the experience we all went through. I’m calling out a few of the people that I got to run with and spend some time with in the last couple of months of this training season.

Mike – You showed commitment to training that I can only hope to try and emulate this next round.  Multiple 100 mile weeks, consistency over 7 months in training, diet, sleep … you name it. Your sarcasm and your positive attitude that you not only exhibited but helped instill many of the rest of us.

Tausha – Sub 3:10 and your MAJOR foot issue going into the race. I’m in awe. I have a level 2 to 3 pain and I start backing off. You’re at level 9 and run a marathon and smash the 3:10 barrier. I am humbled and in awe. My resolution is to not give up as soon as I do, you’ve set an example that I don’t think I’ll match but endeavor to inch towards.

Damon and Jason – What can I say, you are the opposite of me. For all the making fun of you for racing ahead and going out fast there’s something to be said for your willingness to push yourselves to your limits and endure some serious pain.

Larry – You are a powerhouse, your strength and overall fitness … give me some of that.

Ken – You went through a roller coaster ride this time. From the long miles with Mike, to the trail marathon which had a big toll on you. Then it was the slow but steady recovery back both physically and mentally. We all saw you struggle through that and your ability to do it helped us with our demons … trust me, we may not have said it but I know it helped me through my tough weeks.

Everybody else, Charles, Erin, Kristin, … I could go on, everybody has been a huge part of what made this program such a success.

Last but not least the coaches. WOW. Steve this is by far the best program I have ever been in. After doing the performance project which I thought was great this blew it away. Your early decision on making this a true “Team” experience is huge, forget the amazing results, this was the best feeling, best atmosphere and dynamic I have experienced.

A few other things Steve, Ruth and Karen should be commended on:

  1. The coaches traveled to the race. HUGE. You drove the course, used it to modify the race plan last minute, you were there on the course to support us AND you were there to celebrate (maybe a little too much 🙂 in our victory over our mental and physical demons.
  2. Getting us a block of rooms in the same hotel. It truly felt like we were there as a family of runners.
  3. Regular interaction between coaches and runners, we could talk to you outside of workouts almost every week and in a relaxed group atmosphere.
  4. Not just having a cookie cutter approach but challenging each of us individually with the things we need to focus on now to meet our long term goals.
  5. Creating a training program where for the first time going into a race the doubts weren’t there. It was just a matter of executing the plan.
  6. Making us want to  succeed and helping us get to the start line prepared.

Thank you all for the memories (Click on the picture for the slideshow):


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