The reward at the end of the marathon

At a celebration dinner yesterday people asked to see the medal, which I don’t carry around with me. Here’s a picture of the medal and the pace band, the little marks on the pace band are there to remind me of when to GU and take thermolytes.


6 Responses to The reward at the end of the marathon

  1. mike w says:

    my medal mysteriously fell out of my pocket 3 times today. At the bank, HEB, and at Victoria’s Secret. The chicks were really impressed with it, and the story that went along with it!

  2. Priscilla says:

    I have mine hanging at the office… of course my coworkers have no clue so it’s not as fun to brag. One co-worker congratulated me on my 26th finish. She said, “Wow, you said 6,000 raced and you placed 26th, congratulations!!” I said, “Thank you.”

  3. Katie says:

    Foho- that’s hysterical.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Mike – Victoria’s Secret??? Foho – they didn’t ask you how long “that” marathon was? My dog broke my kinda cheezy Decker medal today!

  5. mahemmonkey says:

    It’s massive! PS: Victoria’s Secret, Mike? Really? That couldn’t have been accidental…

  6. jennhb says:

    I had missed this post. LOVE the massive medal!

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