Getting enough gear to train for the Boston Marathon

Running clothes last a long time and over the years I’ve collected enough shorts, singlets, shirts, socks to tide me over till the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately shoes are one of those things that just wear out, and the shoes I wear tend to break down for me a little earlier than I would like. I wear Mizuno Precisions.

Mizuno Precision 9

I get an average of 250 miles per pair, after that point I tend to start getting foot problems or shin issues etc. The lateral weaknesses in my foot seem to become aggravated around this time. With the three pairs I have now I probably have another 150 miles. Between now and the Boston marathon I’ll need 5 shoes, one pair that I’ll only put 50 miles on that I’ll use for the race and the rest based on a 75 to 80 miles per week average.

Then there’s the GU. Since each long run on Saturday from now on will be over 20 miles, let’s assume I go through 5 to 6 GUs on Saturdays and then 2 to 4 during the week. So averaging 8 a week that would be around 6 boxes of 24 GUs if I include the marathon. I may be off a little so there may be some more needed but this should be close enough for now.

So today I went to the Rogue store and ordered 5 pairs of shoes and 6 boxes of GUs. This way I don’t have to deal with anything possibly not being in stock … one less thing to concern myself with during the training season … except now I need to find some room to put all the shoes and GU.


4 Responses to Getting enough gear to train for the Boston Marathon

  1. Sadie says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of GU! You really go through 5-6 on a Saturday?
    We have similar tastes in shoes…I like Precisions, but they don’t last me very long either. I wear the Wave Riders and get about 300 miles per pair. Smart move stocking up on everything this early. At least if you need extra, you’ll see it coming and have time to order more.

  2. Andrea Hill says:

    Yeah, that is a lot of Gu! I just realized yesterday that I haven’t used Gu at all this training period.. hmm.. I may have to consider following your lead!

  3. Kamran says:

    So really I don’t GU that much, I take that much in case I feel bad. Generally I’ll take my first GU after an hour and a half and then every half hour or 40 minutes. So for a 3+ hour run that would put me at 4 GUs. If I haven’t eaten well the day before then I’ll take the first one earlier at 45 minutes or an hour into the run.

    Sadie you are correct, I am over estimating my GU intake. I guess I may have a box left over post Boston 🙂

  4. Priscilla says:

    Could you buy all of my stuff for me, while you’re in there?? Thanks. Katie can ring up the order for you…

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