Recovery runs are so nice

After the 24 mile run yesterday the recovery run today with Mike, Jason and Ken was just what the doctor ordered. We ran an easy 10 miles and I was surprised at how refreshed I felt by the end of the run.

I felt the workout from yesterday, my non-running friends that I spent the day with were continuously making fun of my slow walking. I really should have eaten better after the workout … lesson learned … again 🙂

Getting out today helped loosen the legs out and get some blood flowing to get the gunk (yes that is a technical term) out from yesterday. Tomorrow is supposed to be another 12 mile run which I’ll keep easy and then have some up tempo parts to Tuesdays 16 miler.


One Response to Recovery runs are so nice

  1. Julia says:

    OMG! I kinda liked my recovery day today too! My stiff knee loosened up and it was great to be out on the greenbelt until…the ATTACK of the cedar pollen!!!!!!!!!! It was clouds and clouda of pollen!! John and I were sneezing in fits when we got done!!

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