Hills, hills, hills

Today was a 14ish mile run through the Rollingwood area. I tried to maintain a steady effort but on some of those hills to keep any semblance of similar pace your effort just has to go up. It seemed like everybody got an assignment to start running faster this week. Between miles 4 and 6 I think is when Mike and Jason caught up and passed me. Most people did 12 miles today so they turned around Kevin, Chris and I ran 14 so completed the loop that took us back to Stratford. My overall run today put me between a 7:15 and 7:20 pace which given the course was faster that I should be running. The run didn’t feel too hard, the hills which I always tend to struggle with did require some focus and at times did feel hard but overall it was a controlled effort.

Next week Thursday’s will become Steady state runs instead of Easy runs so that will add another fun twist to the training and a shift into another “phase”.


2 Responses to Hills, hills, hills

  1. kristen says:

    Nice work Kamran. I was sad I didn’t have it in my to run with you today. Maybe Saturday will be better 🙂

  2. Kirsten says:

    Kamran – I saw your post on FOHO’s forum – seems like North and South have been divided on the forum so here is my in put on Steves Souler Buster (ass kicker). Start at Mopac and 2222 – run west on 2222 until Jester (dodging traffic on the way) at long run pace. Kick it up to MGP from 2222 until the top of Jester. Turn around and MGP down. Long run pace until the bottom of the hill on 2222 then divide the distance to Balcones in to 4 sections. Progressive pace from MGP to 5K pace up. Short and sweet!

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