3M Half Marthon gets some great weather and course record is broken

Today was the 15th 3M Half Marathon and Relay and the temperature was right around 40 for the 5000 or so runners. The elite field had three people in the 1 hour and one minute range pretty close to each other and resulted in the course record being broken.  This race is fast and does a great job of bringing in some talent. For all of the rest of us the conditions were great and the net drop in elevation resulted in some PRs, a friend had a 19 minute PR between San Antonio and now which is huge for a half marathon. The credit for that PR doesn’t go to the course it goes to the runner.

Today’s run also resulted in my first 90 mile week. I entered the relay and ran the first half of it. My goal was to run at my new target marathon goal pace, a 6:30 min/mile pace for my leg and then easier for the second leg. The 10k put me at a 6:29 min/mile gun time pace which I’m really pleased with. The start is a slight uphill and after the 22 mile run yesterday my legs felt heavy, after two miles they started to loosen up and get some life into them. I ran the second leg with my relay partner and our overall time was right around 1 hour and 30 minutes, which was good enough to win the Open Mixed Division Relay for the race.

I’m feeling pretty good about where I am fitness wise. I did feel a few tight spots during the run today I need to address but nothing too troubling so far. I’ve managed to maintain my paces with the increasing distance over the last month for the most part. After CIM on December 7th I took one week off, then was at 20 miles for a week, then 50 and have gotten up-to 90 this week. Next week will be a little lower with some work related travel. My improved nutrition and also higher frequency of gym visits (I’m actually going now) have been key to keeping my energy levels up and also to preventing any catastrophic break down in my body. There are just under 3 months left for the Boston Marathon, that’s a long time and the only thing I can do is just keep on trucking and doing all the other things that will hopefully keep me running injury free till the race.

Current Wins: First 90 mile week ever, friends had great 3M half and relay runs

Current Losses: Leisure reading, prep for work travel


5 Responses to 3M Half Marthon gets some great weather and course record is broken

  1. jennhb says:

    You are a machine. . . . a 90-mile week, 22 miles yesterday alone and run 6:30’s and win the co-ed half-marathon relay. Truly awesome. You are on your way to your fastest Boston ever.

  2. Priscilla says:

    Should I inquire into who all these “friends” are???

    Way to go on your race, I didn’t realize you ran 22 on Saturday, you big ole freak! Congrats on the win on the relay too 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    FoHo- I heard Kamran was a ‘couple’…have you heard about any of this???

  4. silke says:

    How do you possibly find time to run 90 miles a week? egad.

  5. […] ups and downs and feeling alive Last week ended up being a 90+ mile week that ended with the 3M Half Marathon Relay. I knew coming out of that week I would have an easier time this week because of travel for work to […]

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