“Good pain”

I can’t say most of my pain the last couple of weeks has been what I’d call “good” but some of it has. Earlier this week I talked about how I hurt myself at 3M and then aggravated it this Saturday. So Saturday 800 mg of ibuprofen still left me with some pain … that was “bad pain”. Sunday I tried to run 10 miles, had to stop after 7 and get a ride back with Jason … “bad pain”.

That was a sign I really needed to take it easy so I took Monday off. Then Tuesday I figured why not try and run 6 miles, well 4 or so miles into it my tibialis anterior muscle seized up again so I cut my 6 mile run short and ran 5 … “bad pain”. That morning I had an appointment to get some release work done with Airrosti. It helped release the tightness and knots in my left leg, it was not comfortable to get the release work done but it was definitely “good pain”.  Yesterday I thought I should continue to take it easy and hit the elliptical at the gym (boring) and worked in 2 sets of 10 minutes on a treadmill to test out my leg and felt good. So today I decided to try running with the Team and got 9.5 or so miles in. I ended up running easy while the Team ran 4 miles at a tempo pace. My leg did start hurting a little right towards the end but didn’t seize up as it has been so that was a good sign. Then today was a massage to try and get the leg loose again, found a few points of additional tightness at the points where the muscle connects. The muscle fibre was good but was tight so that was one good thing … again “good pain”.

So tomorrow I think I’ll take off, try and get 14 miles in on Saturday and keep it easy until the Austin marathon training run next Sunday. Let’s see how it goes.

Current Wins: 9+ miles without hobbling, cooking, time with buds, Heroes

Current Loses: not being able to run with the crew, apathy


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