Easy 14 miles and taco’s with the team

Today was, well not quite pleasant. It was an easy 14 mile run, my first real attempt at getting any distance in since I hurt my leg last Saturday. I started feeling some discomfort after 10 miles. One good thing is the location of the pain has changed, the bad thing is it’s more in the tendon area than the muscle now. I’ll have to keep taking it easy and see if I’m in good shape by the Austin Marathon next Sunday to run part of it at my 6:30 pace target for the training run.

Since last season we’ve had two groups, one South (or Central) that meets at Rogue and a North Group that meets in the 2222 ish part of town. We were meeting North today to run together and try and get breakfast together but it seems like we’re on different plans. We (Souties) had a strict no more than 14 mile rule in effect since next week is all or part of the marathon at MGP and the following week is our first Soul Buster of the season. The Northies were mainly doing 18. That meant our “group” breakfast and first attempt at a real run and gather together didn’t quite happen. But it was good to hang with the South crew at Elsi’s  Restaurant after the run.

Current Wins: Seinfeld and Springsteen tickets, taco’s, Obama capping the salaries of CEO screw ups

Current Losses: Let still injured


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