Recovering from injury can be a slow and meandering process

I posted at the beginning of the month about the issues I’ve had with my Tibialis Anterior muscle. This week came with some highs and lows on my recovery. One of the major issues I had were two to three knots in the muscle, mid way down on my leg and a quarter of the way up. Those have luckily been worked out and the muscle is much looser.

I now have remaining inflammation of the Tibialis Anterior Tendon sheath. The muscle is on the outside of the foot and the tendon wraps around in front of the foot and then down. Today’s run gave me some time to pay attention to my leg. I was sore from the get go.

Tibalis Anterior Tendon Sheath

Tibalis Anterior Tendon Sheath

I’ve gotten a few runs in this week to keep the legs going, less than 50 miles though which is well below my goal but that’s life. I’ve been trying to run slower and doing that tends to change running form. I have a much flatter foot strike instead of landing on my mid-foot to fore-foot when I’m running at slower paces. The way the foot lands there seems to force a greater degree of motion on my foot, reducing the angle between it and my leg. At this speed and with this form I can feel discomfort on every foot strike. By changing my running form to land on my mid-foot the discomfort would go away. The strain was of course still being applied so this isn’t a “cure” but it’s given me a little better insight into the specific issues I’m having so when I’m back at the doctors on Tuesday to get release word done this information can hopefully help focus the effort.

Next weekend is the Austin Marathon, I’m supposed to try and run 16 to 18 miles of the marathon at my 2 hours and 50 minute marathon goal pace which is 6:30 minutes per mile. Given how my leg is feeling I may decide to run it easy and not push it or maybe even not run the whole 26.2 miles. The “A” race is Boston so it’s more important to recover and get healed up, not worry about an individual workout.


2 Responses to Recovering from injury can be a slow and meandering process

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