Good 27+ mile run with the team

This was my first week back up on my mileage in the 70 mile per week range and my second run over 14 miles since January. February was spent dealing with my left leg which had a lingering injury that moved down the outside of the leg, around to the tendon sheath and then into the posterior. This has left my endurance and speed off where it needs to be so the 27+ mile run today was going to be a challenge. It was even more challenging for the people doing the real workout.

The “real workout” was a downhill run from North Austin down to some hills that included Red Bud, Stratford and Barton Hills. At mile 20 you hit the track at Austin High and ran 6 miles on the track. The first two miles at marathon goal pace, the next two at half marathon pace and the last two at 10 k pace … followed by a cool-down and soak at Barton Springs.

Since I’ve recovering from injury Steve gave me an out and wanted me to run the 6 miles at marathon goal pace. I’m still not sure what exact shape I’m in. When we did this workout for CIM I couldn’t keep my paces after a mile and a half, I mean I couldn’t keep MGP, I was running close to 8 minute miles towards the end instead of my 10k target of 6:10 … so let’s say that in addition to the injury/recovery phase I’m going through I also had some mental demons today.

I’ve decided I’m not in a 2:50 marathon shape, probably somewhere between a 2:52:30 and 2:55 marathon on a good day and a good course so I decided to try for the 2:52:30 based marathon pace which is 6:35 minutes per mile, or around 1:38 minutes per lap on the track. Here’s how the 6 miles went:

Lap1   Lap2  Lap3   Lap4   Mile Time
1:38    1:38    1:39    1:40    6:35
1:38    1:40    1:38    1:39    6:35
1:37    1:38    1:38    1:38    6:33
1:40    1:38    1:38    1:38    6:34
1:38    1:38    1:39    1:38    6:33
1:40    1:40    1:37    1:35    6:33

When I was running the miles I didn’t really feel like I was hitting the paces. I knew that Mike and the 3 hour train were going to be going from a 6:50 to a 6:30 to a 6:10 pace so I expected them to start passing me and Mike did come charging by the last couple of miles. The support on the track was great, Ruth, Steve and Karen were spread out on the track with words of encouragement and some tips (move your arms … thanks Ruth). All in all I’m happy with where I am, I wish this pace felt easier but this is where I am, a little over a month left for Boston and to figure out my plan.

Also, thanks to Mike, Damon, Kristen, and Jason for the company throughout the run. There were others there too but these are the folks I ran most of the run with together. The positive thoughts helped me with the miles on the track as the mental demons surfaced. I couldn’t give up on my 6 miles at MGP when everybody was giving everything they had for the “real workout”. Nice job out there today. And remember we just ran a sub 3:30 marathon today on our long training run … ok if you don’t include the water breaks 🙂


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