Fun times and getting back on the horse

Thursday wasn’t exactly a great day for running since that marked the realization that my right leg has an issue that I likely won’t be able to overcome for the Boston marathon but the weekend was nothing but fun. After work on Friday I went to the Fader Fort at SXSW. We saw a few bands which was entertaining. Then the next day got to sleep in, woke up at 9:00 instead of 5:00. Went to try and get in line for the Rachel Ray party, which wasn’t successful. One the way there there was an “altercation” (not our fault of course), that resulted in the person that out of the blue came at one of the people I was with being put into a police car and a 15 minute delay … just enough for us to be too far back in line for the Rachel Ray party. The evening involved watching Sylive Lewis and Kanye West … all for 8 dollars!

Today was my attempt to get back on the horse since I decided that Boston is out. It was yoga, tomorrow will hopefully be another core class and yoga as well as mapping out a plan to ease back into my training and fixing the problems and imbalances with my legs.


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