Contact your City Council Today

City Council is voting to approve an ammendment tomorrow that will negatively impact events, festivals and races in Austin. My blog has all my previous letters to City Council so feel free to read those. You can e-mail them using this form:

Here is what I sent today:

Mayor and City Council Members,

I’m writing to ask you to vote against the proposed amendment to the ordinance relating to street closures and events for the following reasons:
1. It does not accurately reflect the recommendations of a Task Force representing a diverse cross-section of interests.
2. It is not balanced.
3. It will have a significant negative impact on events and races in Austin.

I’d also like to express my growing disappointment at the way the public has been engaged in this process. There has been significant interest for months, with many people attending Task Force meetings and a larger number appearing during your first reading of this ordinance. Since the first reading no updated information has been forthcoming and I’m very surprised that you have chosen to vote on 2nd and 3rd reading during the day and not after 5:00 pm. With such a large turn out of citizens for 1st reading this time effectively cuts the citizens that have attended countless meetings from being heard and for Staff to move forward with it’s proposal.

You’ve received many e-mails that outline issues with this ordinance and I don’t feel cutting and pasting those again is productive. Those issues still stand and it’s disappointing that Staff is moving forward with an ordinance that does not have public support or that of the majority of Task Force members.

I sincerely hope you do not approve this ordinance and come up with a process where Staff creates a proposal that meets the needs of the different constituents represented by the Task Force.

Best Regards,
Kamran Shah


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