The high tech of running

I was reading an article on Paula Radcliffe’s return from surgery and her plans to race in Berlin this Fall. One of the things they mentioned in the article was the G-Trainer. It’s a $35,000 treadmill that let’s you run with a reduced body weight, maybe one day this will be what us mere mortals will be using instead of aqua jogging or biking.


3 Responses to The high tech of running

  1. kirsten says:

    Yeah, I was thinking of getting one of those for my back yard!! I will say Kamran, I have been alternating cycling with running since Boston and have noticed a drastic improvement in my running – less pain, faster warm up and faster overall pace. Cross training definately works – it’s just taken me a while to figure it out!!

  2. jennhb says:

    I WANT one. . . and we NEED one!! In last month’s Runner’s World they detailed Kara Goucher’s workouts and she used one of these for one of one of her daily runs 5 or 6 days a week. If we sell our cars we could get one, right?!

  3. hilstreet says:

    Wow – that is AWESOME!

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