Balance in soreness, a good sign

Last week I went for my regular massage with Lisa and I hope it was a sort of turning point for my injury prone training of late. Many people tend to get injured in the same places, I’ve oscillated from my right leg to the left and back and forth and in different parts of my legs. Over the last two months I’ve been very regular with my strength training program from Mark at South Congress Athletic Club and I think it may be paying off finally. During the massage last week Lisa noticed that my hamstrings in both legs were evenly developed and were the same amount of tightness … a first. Also any soreness in my legs, for example the tib area, was present in both legs. This is likely a sign of strain from overuse versus an imbalance. So this week I get to back off on my mileage and keep going from there.

The program for mark is two gym workouts a week and then two home workouts (which I end up doing at the gym anyway). Very light weights for the things that require weights and a decent amount of upper body work to improve my shoulder/torso and hip alignment. I have noticed that my stride is much more even on both legs and in general my running posture doesn’t collapse towards the end of long runs as much as it used to. Given the high mileage and hopefully faster paces I’ll be running I hope this cross training with gym work helps keep me injury free.


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  1. […] the other. I think that has had it’s inteneded result. I’m basing this primarily on the eveness in soreness in both my legs and other signs like my hips stying relatively stable with high knee excersises […]

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