Training Season Phase I Review

This week is the first down week for me in this new training season. We’re also a week and a half away from the next phase in this cycle. I haven’t hit my base mileage target of 80 miles per week, really it’s between 70 and 80 depending on how the week is going with work and other things in life. This down week I should be around 55 miles. The season started for me the day of the Boston Marathon which was unable to race because of injury … coincidentally it was the first day I did run after a close to three week break to heal. My focus during this phase has been:

  • Slow build up of mileage.
  • Comfortable paces in the 8:00 min area, moving to 7:40ish range after a few weeks of running without any pain and then very gradually getting to a 7:20 to 7:30 range.
  • Gym work at least 2 times a week … then the “big 12” was added by Steve (12 push ups, 12 sit ups, 11 push ups, 11 sit ups … 1 push up, 1 sit up

Summary by Week (starting April 20th)

Week 1: 25 Miles 7:55 min/mile avg pace
Week 2: 35 mi 7:42 min/mi
Week 3: 42 mi 7:28 min/mi
Week 5: 45 mi 7:44 min/mi, 2x gym
Week 6: 49 mi 7:55 min/mi, 2x gym, 2x big12
Week 7: 56 mi 7:28 min/mi, 1x gym, 3x big12, 1x Home gym
Week 8: 60 mi 7:24 min/mi, 2x gym, 3x big12, 1x home
Week 9: 64 mi 7:46 min/mi, 1x gym, 1x big12 (traveling)
Week 10: 67 mi 7:42 min/mi, 1x gym, 1x big12, 2x home
Week 11: In progress

The heat and humidity in Austin really set in around week 9, it was brutal. After two weeks it does seem like my body, and that of others I run with, is adapting. Last week was a highlight, the first time I allowed myself to run some faster paces during runs. I’ve been trying to be cautious about any faster paces or closing on runs since that could aggravate my previous injury but feel much better about doing that now. There were a few miles in the low 6’s in week 10 and on other runs since then some closing miles in the low 7’s and high 6’s.

So far so good, Let’s see how the body adjusts to the next phase.


One Response to Training Season Phase I Review

  1. jennhb says:

    So that’s where those muscles are coming from?! Keep up the hard work. It seems already to be paying off by your training strong. : )

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