July 2009

July 31, 2009
  • 319 miles (267 miles in June)
  • Average pace 7:20 per mile range (7:40 per mile range in June)
  • 2 Steady States, 1 Tempo and 10 Mile MGP runs at needed paces
  • Zero runs missed
  • Zero planned gym workouts missed
  • Slight soreness developing on inside of left leg
  • 2 months till Portland

Great performance by Carmen

July 30, 2009

Carmen won the 8 km 50 to 54 division in the Masters World Championships in Finland this week. That’s a 5:52 minutes/mile pace for the 8k. Very cool.

Healthy living

July 28, 2009

In the last few weeks friends in my life have directly or in their extended families had to deal with a number of health issues. These have included heart trouble, MS, and tumors. It’s reminded me to be thankful for what I have going for me in life and I think is helping me identify the next area I’d like to volunteer with. Over the last 5 years I’ve been involved with Green Doors (formerly Community Partnership for the Homeless). Green Doors is an Austin area non-profit organization providing transitional and permanent housing to the formerly homeless and those at risk of homelessness. I’ve found the experience very fulfilling and have been the Board Chair for going on two years. I’ll continue to be involved but have been wanting to find something new to also focus on. Healthcare and education are two areas I’ve considered in the past and I think I’ll need to get back into that. Maybe something focused on fitness with a component of education to promote it. I haven’t figure out what to do specifically but if you have any ideas based on this post feel free to share them with me.

Not in sync with the team yet

July 28, 2009

This week Steve wants to sync up all the members of the team. We’ve all been building our mileage to get up to our target weekly base mileage. Once each of us hit that target (mine was 80) we enter a cycle of two weeks at that target then a down week that’s 25% lower in mileage (60 miles for me). Since we all started at different points in the build schedule our up weeks and down weeks don’t match up … now that we’re getting into Tempo runs and hill workouts Steve wants us to line up our schedules. This week is supposed to be a down week and then everybody should be in sync moving forward.

For all the Team folks, I got permission from Steve to deviate. Next week is NI’s annual user conference NI-Week and next weekend I’ll be travelling to Canada for my cousin’s wedding. So this week I’m keeping as an up week, next week will just be down week and then I’ll sync up.

I feel recovered from the weekends run with the 10 miles at marathon goal pace (MGP). I did skip my run in the morning yesterday. I ended up getting my Kettle Bell gym workout in after work yesterday instead of Sunday and my run in after that at 7:00 pm … I don’t know how the folks that run in the afternoon manage it. Today was a 15 mile run, first 3 miles were slightly over 8 min/mile pace and then the next 12 with the group. Started at 8 min/mile, then down to 7:40 and then probably around 7:20 for an overall run pace in the 7:40 range. Not too fast and under control.

Still on track with the training

July 25, 2009

Today was our first long run workout, 20ish miles with 10 at my marathon goal pace (MGP) of 6:40 We started at the Gateway shopping center and ran down to Barton Springs. The warm up was around 8.5 miles which I ended up running at an 8:00 min/mile pace, then 10 miles at MGP. During the MGP section I ran with Jason the whole way and we were on pace the entire time. It hills were rolling so the up-hills were a little slower but overall the 10 miles were right at 6:40 according to Jason’s Garmin.

I ended up not taking my own Garmin. That worked out really well, since I wasn’t always trying to look down at it to continually adjust my pace. Jason read out our overall pace from his Garmin very quarter mile so we were able to stay on track. At the end of the run it was time to stretch, then soak at Barton Springs, breakfast at Austin Java and a little icing with a cup of ice of my posterior and anterior tibialis in both legs. Both from a strength and cardio fitness standpoint I think I’m still on track with my training. Two months till Portland.

Running Garminless a little more

July 21, 2009

I’m glad and somewhat surprised that I’ve been able to ignore and even not run with the Garmin after I bought it. I set a goal for not using it on critical runs where pace is a big factor, so I can run by feel and not become a slave to the geek-o-meter. The tempo run course on Shoal Creek when we ran it had cones at every mile mark and instead of using the Garmin for the mile marks I used the cones Steve set out, next time I won’t wear a Garmin at all but a regular old stop watch. On my runs I also don’t use the Garmin for instantaneous or lap pace, I look at it at each mile when it auto-laps to see where my pace is and then adjust if I need to.

This weekend is our first “key workout” (a.k.a. Soul Buster). It’ll be 20 to 24 miles with 6 to 10 at marathon goal pace. The MGP portion starts 8 miles into the run and Steve plans to have a cone at the 8.5 mile point and then at 10, 12, 14 … The cones may not be dead on but it’s close enough and in the ball park. This Saturday for the run I plan to use my regular stop watch, the same one I plan to run the Portland Marathon with and the Garmin will be charging at home. It’ll be a good test of where I really am fitness wise by trying to go on feel and not pace. Of course, I think enough people around me will have a Garmin so I probably will know what pace I’m running 🙂

Speed just seems to strain the body so much more

July 18, 2009

It really is amazing how much more running faster stresses the body. The past few months of training have been almost entirely pain free for me. Over the last two weeks we’ve run a Steady and Tempo run and during the long run today a few of the miles were faster than we normally run. I’ve had a noticeable tightness and slight soreness in my my left leg (inside around the top) where I’ve had a knot develop before and on the outside of my right leg.

I’ll need to make sure I ice and roll even more regularly than I have the last two weeks when I’ve gotten a little lazier than the rest of the season to try and stay injury free. Everything is on track so far so hopefully all the gym work and improved nutrition and better managed runs will help.

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