The hill at Portland

Ruth and I have been looking at the one big hill at Portland, it’s between mile 16 and 17. We do think we’ve found some equivalent hills in Austin to run to get a feel for them. I think it’s 100 to 150 feet in 1/3 of a mile which is pretty steep (based on g-map pedometer).

I’m waiting to double check what I found but if it’s correct that’s the range of the incline of Mesa from 2222 going North. The first 1/3 mile is around 100 feet and if you wait to start after the first curve then it’s on the steaper end of something like 150 feet in 1/3 mile


One Response to The hill at Portland

  1. Mikew says:

    Two thoughts:
    – you call that a hill?!
    – you’re worried about a slight uphill at Mile 16? If that’s the case, you might want to put on more tape, and maybe even stop eating spicy foods too.

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