Race Prep 3: Didn’t nail it but I can’t complain too much

Today was undoubtedly the toughest workout of the season for Team Rogue. Here is the description:

1.5M Warm-Up
1M Build to Top Speed at Track
2M Recovery
5M @ MGP w/ 3-5 min recovery
4M @ MGP
5 to 6M Hills
6M Continuous Progression Run Track

  • 2M @ MGP
  • 2M @ HMGP
  • 2M @ 10K (26.15)

1.5M Cooldown
Total: 27.5M

After my workouts the few months I decided to drop my training paces from a 2:55 marathon target to a 2:50, which makes each of my paces around 10 seconds a mile faster. Going into today’s run I knew it would be very difficult so anything I could manage once I got on the track without completely blowing up would have been a victory. I just couldn’t manage it once we hit the 10k part, I was just a little slow at the HMGP as well but all in all this is the best I’ve ever run this workout so I’m pleased. My 2:50 target paces are:

  • MGP: 6:30
  • HMGP: 6:10
  • 10k: 5:50

Here’s how it actually went:

Mile on Track: 5:35
5M @ MGP Pace: 6:23
4M @ MGP Pace: 6:27
Track MGP 1 6:27
Track MGP 2 6:33
Track HMGP 1 6:11
Track HMGP 2 6:13
Track 10k 1 6:45
Track 10k 2 6:35

It was amusing, as soon as finished the last mile targeting half marathon pace instead of speeding up I just slowed down. It was really nice to have some of the people not racing Portland on the track handing out water and Gatorade and more than that encouraging us to keep pushing. I could have blown up a lot earlier if Mike hadn’t been there with his spatula threatening to scrape me off the track. Thanks Mike, Ken, Mus, Kristen for the support.

Steve has been running with us so we can’t really complain about the workouts anymore. I recorded a video interview of him after the workout that I’ll post later this weekend.

5 Weeks to Portland, 4 Weeks to Toronto. GO TEAM!


5 Responses to Race Prep 3: Didn’t nail it but I can’t complain too much

  1. kevin says:

    Dude, let me just say this: You are so strong and so disciplined. I wouldnt be surprised to see you go under 2:50. You kicked azz out there today.

  2. Sadie says:

    Awesome, Kamran! Considering your new paces, that is an extremely successful run. Great running out there today!

  3. jennhb says:

    Incredible workout on paper, let alone in practice. Congrats on great results for an insanely hard workout. It’s great to see you narrowing in on this 2:50 goal!

  4. Crankster says:

    You nailed it Kamran! Congrats, I know it must feel great to progress towards your goal that you have worked so hard for. Go kick it in Portland!

  5. […] workout was somewhat similar to what we did in preparation for the Portland Marathon in 2009. The major differences being the hard mile on the track wasn’t there, instead of 2×5 […]

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