Travelling so close to the race and keeping up with the training

I’ll be out-of-town all week (Mon through Friday) this week, luckily it’s all in one city and at the same hotel so not as crazy as press tours or going from city to city for events during a product launch. This is just two weeks ahead of the Portland Marathon though so it’ll make it interesting. I didn’t plan on Portland being an “A” race originally so I wasn’t really concerned about when I’d be travelling until my plans for Portland changed from it being a “B” race to an “A” race.

I packed my bags today, yes that’s plural. I have a bag for work clothes etc and a bag for my running stuff. That includes:

  • Shoes, shorts, socks, watch
  • GU, recovery drink powder in individual packets,
  • Cliff builder bars, Kashi bars, boxes of raisins
  • NuuN electrolyte tabs
  • Stretching rope
  • TP massage kit
  • Instant ice packs
  • Compression socks
  • Hand-held water bottle

Yes that’s quite a bit, it’ll be tough getting my runs in because of late dinners etc but I think I’ve got my schedule figured out. It would be a real shame mess up the work put in over the last 5 months of training by being lazy this week.


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