This is the worst running advice I’ve seen in a while

Yes I am venting a little here. I saw this recent post on the runtex web-site advising beginner marathon runners to heel strike … NO DON”T DO IT. Just think of your running form, think of your basic physics class, you’re pretty much putting force back into your body instead of propelling forward. Just land flat footed if you can’t land in the mid-foot. Just go look at any kid (not the “gifted one” anyone) and look at them run around … there is no heel strike, we have a natural way of running. Heel striking just doesn’t make sense when you’re jogging or running. That doesn’t mean you have to run on your toes, land flat, mid-foot, fore-foot … just don’t land on your heel and plan on this roll forward nonsense.

I’ll share something somebody wrote to me on the topic to draw a pretty funny parallel. Had me rolling in laughter but honestly the advice to heel strike is just as absurd.

When swimming I recommend keeping your head above water at all times – it just feels a lot better.

When cycling i like training wheels, that way if i slow down too much i don’t fall over.


One Response to This is the worst running advice I’ve seen in a while

  1. Kamran says:

    As I read my short post I thought I really should have googled a bunch of articles about running form and injury. I found a bunch but … you know what this advice is just so wrong I can’t be bothered to spend the time to rebut it … and people should be able to google on their own and make up their mind.

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