Leg issue mostly under control by going back to basics

November 27, 2009

I’ve had this lingering issue with my left leg (plantar trauma from the race, followed by posterior tib inflammation) since the Portland Marathon. Since the marathon I’ve needed a mental and physical break, which resulted in me not doing many of the ancillary things that make running at Team Rogue’s high intensity levels sustainable. These include, not icing, not going to the gym, and not getting regular massages. Over the last two weeks I’ve tried to get back into a routine to get those things going, as well as get back on my training diet. Those, in addition to the one week off last week, seem to be getting things back in control.

I met Steve, Team Rogue coach and UT Women’s Cross Country Coach, for coffee on Wednesday … decided I needed to start Thanksgiving a little early so took Wed afternoon off. At one point we started talking about the things Steve does and doesn’t spend time with us on for our training. The things he does try and get us to do like stretching he has been there early in the season. He was also there last season to make sure we did the big 12. In the end though he said that he expects us to do the ancillary things that are necessary for our training (strength work, stretching, massages, icing etc), those being essential for a good training season. The training for Portland was the first time I did all those things and it really paid off and I missed only 4 runs, which is a first for a 6 month period. Now, I just need to get back into the routine leading up to Boston.

Missed out on Testosterone Tuesday

November 24, 2009

As most Tuesday’s tend to be the crew in Team Rogue tends to get a little carried away on the run. I was fortunate in I planned to run 10 miles and not the 14 everybody else was running so I didn’t have to deal with real pushing of pace Mike described.

Asia, Jim and I ended up running 10.5 miles around a 7:15 min/mile average pace. You can see from Mike’s post it was a hilly run so that’s not too shabby. I guess every Tuesday will have some element of people pushing a little so we’ll have to see how things work out.

Test of the leg … give myself a “C”

November 21, 2009

Today was a 11 and half mile run to test out my leg. Kind of annoying but I can’t complain. I had no problems from April through the race in Portland and then hurt myself during the race in my plantar. That seemed to clear away but my posterior tib has been tight and the tendon and insertion point have been inflamed. Last weekend the 16 mile Saturday run was my test of the issue, if I was in pain after the run I decided I’d take a week off so that’s what I did. Today was a little over 11 miles to test the leg out and it feels better … need to take it easy though to keep it under control.

One thing I did notice (which is hopefully a good sign) is that I didn’t have any discomfort when I started in the insertion point. The last few weeks it would take a mile or so to warm up before that happen. I also didn’t feel like I was changing my form as much so hopefully on the right track … only time will tell.

Taking action on homelessness and high health care costs

November 19, 2009

Today, in commemoration of National Homeless Awareness Week, Green Doors‘ supporters, homeless advocates, city government officials, agency leaders, teachers, and residents of Green Doors’ homes launched Green Doors’ 2nd video in its Tex S. Taxpayer Series.

The purpose of the video is to move the public, the Tex S. Taxpayer — you, me, all of us — to take constructive action on the issue of homelessness. The series of video shorts illustrate how individuals and families end up homeless and demonstrate the price we all pay if we do not adequately address the issue. This 2nd video focuses on the high health care costs that all of us share when we, as a community, don’t address homelessness comprehensively.

After a full day of educational outreach on the street corners of Austin, tonight, we’re inviting you to visit the Holy Cross Lawn at St. Edward’s University at 5:30pm today for a free screening of the 2nd Public Service Announcement in the Tex S. Taxpayer Series and hear a special address from Frank Fernandez (Executive Director of Green Doors) and attend a public screening of Hollywood film, The Soloist.

Watch the video »

Team Rogue Elite at the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Marathon

November 15, 2009

Allison, Darren and Kyle at the R after the race. Allison finished 2nd Texan Female! Darren and Kyle were out for a progressive training run … more pictures to come.

Meet Rogue at the R at the San Antonio Rock ‘N Roll

November 15, 2009

And this is what some peope call a workout

November 12, 2009

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