I’m wearing racing flats now

December 20, 2009

No this isn’t an attempt at injuring myself further. I was a at Rogue yesterday and thought I should get some casual sneakers to wear. Well the selection was the Nike Streak XC (kind of remind me of the retro Adidas stuff around these days).

Today I decided to get a pair of black dress shoes at Nordstroms and wore these Nike’s. The guy that helped me commented on how he really liked the shoes. Go figure.

A letter from the Green Doors executive director

December 18, 2009

Dear Friends of Green Doors,

As you may know Green Doors has received three wonderful matching gifts this holiday season, totaling $11,000. The catch: you have to make an investment of any amount in our work in order for us to receive the matching gift! But, the benefit to you is knowing you have made a commitment to Austin and knowing that each dollar that you have given is worth two. So far, we have raised $3,550 of our $11,000 goal! Help us make it to our goal by making a donation of $10, $25, $50, or more before January 15th!

What are Green Doors’ staff members doing these next two weeks? Well, many of our residents have not shared a holiday meal or opened a gift in years. This holiday season, the staff at Green Doors committed to putting smiles on our residents’ faces. Children receive toys and clothes; mothers, clothes and household supplies; our veterans receive gift cards; and many receive delicious holiday meals. While Green Doors’ staff is busy making sure that individuals and families we serve are cherished this holiday season, we are aware that we can provide a festive holiday for our residents’ thanks only to the generosity of the Austin community. Because of you, the smiles that shine on our residents’ faces speak volumes.

Green Doors is dedicated to the proposition that no one โ€“ whether a child or adult, disabled or not, man or woman โ€“ should be allowed to live without stable housing. Many in our community struggle with homelessness and poverty. Our vision is that one day all Central Texas families and individuals will have the opportunity to live in affordable, safe, quality housing. Be a part of our vision! Because of you, the smiles that shine on our residents’ faces speak volumes. Invest in Green Doors and give a tax deductible gift of $10, $25, $50, or more and help Green Doors continue to provide safe, quality, sustainable housing to people struggling with or at-risk of homelessness.

Thanks for your committment,

Frank Fernandez

Frank Fernandez
Executive Director


P.S. Make your donation worth double! Make your gift by January 15th, 2010 and three wonderful donors, Kara McGregor at Independence Title Company, Capital One Bank, and Kamran Shah, Green Doors President, will match your gift dollar-for-dollar up to $11,000. That means, for every dollar you give to Green Doors, Kara, Capital One and Kamran will give another dollar.


To learn more about Green Doors, click below to view the newest edition of our newsletter or check out our website.

Read The Community Voice ยป


Good weather and first over 20 mile long run of the season

December 12, 2009

Today’s run would have to be described as hilly. You can see that on the image below, feel free to click on it to see the full details of the run on the Garmin site.

I’ve been having some trouble with my right foot now, I tweeked it last Sunday so the top of the foot has been a little sore. It hasn’t been getting any worse and I did manage over 22.5 miles today so I think it’s under control. A massage this week should help. The weather today was close to perfect and we had a decent sized group running together. I was pretty amazed that we probably had a pack of 15 or so running up front. It’ll be fun to see all the people in that pack continue to improve their running and be sub-3 hour marathon runners … a matter of time and training.

My Christmas Holiday List

December 7, 2009

Yes many of you have heard me say “I’m not from this country” but I thought I’d partake in my “American-ness” by actually creating a Christmas gift list. You may have ready my earlier posts on my involvement with a local Austin non-profit, Green Doors. Well on top of my list is adopting a Green Doors resident.

Green doors meets an acute need in Austin by providing supportive housing to people struggling with or at risk of homelessness. Green doors has over 230 veterans, individuals and families we support right now. Your “gift” will help provide a holiday meal or modest gift in this holiday season, by delivering a holiday meal to each household and a $35 gift card for each individual in a home. $2,000 would meet the needs of all our residents so 100 gifts of $20 each would serve all our residents.

Adopting a resident is easy, you can donate here: http://www.greendoors.org/support/donate.php

Happy holidays and happy running.

– Kamran

Running in DC, warmer than Austin

December 6, 2009

I was in DC for most of the week for a conference for work focused on Software Define Radios. Muz sent me info on the Mount Vernon Trail which I was able to run on during my trip. I was hoping to run 3 time on my trip but missed one day. On Wednesday morning I just ran up the trail from Crystal City, the temp was 50 degrees in the early morning. Across the river I could see the Capitol, Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Thursday afternoon I decided to cross the river and made it to the Washington Monument. It was a little cooler and very windy that day but when I checked the weather in Austin it was 45 degrees and it was 60 in DC … very strange. I guess that was just a prelude to the frigid (by Austin standards) 28 degrees 20 miler we ran this Saturday. On the running front I think my left foot is coming along nicely and now it’s just aches and pains from compensation that I think I can keep under control. Onwards to Boston.

Nice 60 min run along the potomac

December 2, 2009

I managed to get a 60 minute run in this morning along the Potomac. Muz sent me a link to a trail (paved for biked and runners) that had an entrance just a few blocks from my hotel http://bikewashington.org/trails/vernon/index.php

It was a nice route. I saw the Washington Monumnt and the Lincoln Memorial from across the river. Hopefully on one of my other runs this week I’ll make it across the river as well.

My pace for the run, no clue ๐Ÿ™‚

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