First 24 mile long run of the season

January 30, 2010

This week is a prescribed down week but I didn’t take the long run down to 16 but went for 24. Since I’m kind of still building up (lingering injury from the race in Portland sidelined me a little) I’ll be at 70 miles for the week and below my base target of 75 to 80 miles a week. I may pay for it come the first I guess “non-race prep” but kind of a “race prep” run at the Ausitn Marathon in two weeks. The next two weeks will be up weeks and at Austin I’ll try for 3 sets of 5 miles at MGP (marathon goal pace). That will be extremely challenging for me but it’ll tell me where I stand from a fitness standpoint.

Today’s run was interesting. I ran 3 miles with Mike and Chris and we averaged 8 min/mile and then another 21.5 on the course the Austin Marathoners were running, which happen to be the North part of the actual marathon course. Within a mile and half of this leg I was pretty much on my own. I’m not quite at the fitness of everybody else as far as pushing paces so was in pretty much no mans land for the entire run, it reminded me of training for CIM. During CIM training I expected it but wasn’t quite mentally ready today. I was looking forward to running with people for the portion before they turned off for 16 but everybody has their own training to do so it wasn’t meant to be. It was a mentally test to just keep trudging along without any conversations or others to obseve to distract myself. Overall pace for this leg was close to 7:15 min/mile so a good comfortable pace.


Hill mechanics comparison to last season

January 28, 2010

I feel like I’m in similar shape to CIM at this point, maybe a little better since the hill mechanics repeats didn’t feel  as tough on the 800 m reps. Of course it was August last year which was warmer so that is a factor to consider.

Today I managed 4 sets of hill mechanics repeats and the 800m portion ended up being pretty decent. The sets are between 0.48 and 0.5 miles based on last season when I used the Garmin once around. So with the time for each rep below is the range for my pace

Time   0.48M    0.5M
3:04      6:23      6:08
2:59      6:13       5:58
2:53      6:00      5:46
2:48      5:50      5:36

Last season I assumed it was 0.48 so I’ll stick with that this season. For Portland 6 weeks or 7 weeks out from the race I ran three sets and was between 2:49 and 2:52 paces. That was much closer to the race than we are to Boston at this point (10ish weeks out maybe). Too early to tell what shape I’ll be in for Boston but it was good to run faster this week and not feel any lingering pain.

My criteria for racing vs. running the Boston Marathon in 2010

January 27, 2010

Since it’s been a bit of an iffy season and I have some doubts about where I stand with my training I need to have some way to determine what I should do for Boston this year. My next goal is 2:45, yes I haven’t gone under 2:50 but I figure I need put out where I’d love to get to. The final decision for Boston won’t be made till the beginning of March more than likely but here is the criteria.

If I’m in shape for a 2:45 “flat” course marathon I will “race” Boston and try for sub 2:50. If not then I’ll run it and hopefully find some folks I can run with and maybe even help with pacing.

First week of full running in a while

January 24, 2010

This week ended with 66 miles of running. Since my tendonitis onset in December I’ve been easing back. I’m a little ahead of where I wanted to be this month so I’m happy with that. My plan was to stay above 7 min/mile pace this whole month and then start adding in faster pace work based on Steve’s plan after that.

The team started steady runs and hill mechanic work this week. On Tuesday the group was set to run 7 miles steady. I decided to try to run 4 miles at a little harder effort (not quite steady). Those averaged out 6:45 and my foot and legs were not worse for the wear.  Thursday was four sets of hill mechanics which include 800’s at steady pace. I decided to get my 14 miles in and just do two sets of hill mechanic work. The 800’s ended up being 6:20 min/mile pace without me really pushing too much which was nice.

This week is more Steady running and hill mechanic work. I’ll probably try to hit the defined paces but back off on the distance and reps this week and if that goes well the following week will be all systems go.

One month later and my second 20 mile run of the season

January 16, 2010

It’s been just over a month and I ran my second 20+ mike run of the season. That’s 3 less than I wanted at this point but that’s life. Because of the tendinitis that took hold in my right ankle I took 2 weeks completely off and have been building back since then. I’ll hopefully be around 60 miles this week and plan to take it easy getting up to my base goal of 75 miles a week.

My lack of committment this season has taken it’s toll and I’m doing my best to get all those other things that are so important for me to stay healthy back into my routine. The gym, icing, stretching and nutrition. My motivation isn’t quite there compared to training for Portland so I’ll have to live with whatever Boston holds for me this year. I need a mental recharge and don’t want running to become a chore so I’ll just play it by ear and get completely comitted for the Fall season.

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