First week of full running in a while

This week ended with 66 miles of running. Since my tendonitis onset in December I’ve been easing back. I’m a little ahead of where I wanted to be this month so I’m happy with that. My plan was to stay above 7 min/mile pace this whole month and then start adding in faster pace work based on Steve’s plan after that.

The team started steady runs and hill mechanic work this week. On Tuesday the group was set to run 7 miles steady. I decided to try to run 4 miles at a little harder effort (not quite steady). Those averaged out 6:45 and my foot and legs were not worse for the wear.  Thursday was four sets of hill mechanics which include 800’s at steady pace. I decided to get my 14 miles in and just do two sets of hill mechanic work. The 800’s ended up being 6:20 min/mile pace without me really pushing too much which was nice.

This week is more Steady running and hill mechanic work. I’ll probably try to hit the defined paces but back off on the distance and reps this week and if that goes well the following week will be all systems go.


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