Hill mechanics comparison to last season

I feel like I’m in similar shape to CIM at this point, maybe a little better since the hill mechanics repeats didn’t feel  as tough on the 800 m reps. Of course it was August last year which was warmer so that is a factor to consider.

Today I managed 4 sets of hill mechanics repeats and the 800m portion ended up being pretty decent. The sets are between 0.48 and 0.5 miles based on last season when I used the Garmin once around. So with the time for each rep below is the range for my pace

Time   0.48M    0.5M
3:04      6:23      6:08
2:59      6:13       5:58
2:53      6:00      5:46
2:48      5:50      5:36

Last season I assumed it was 0.48 so I’ll stick with that this season. For Portland 6 weeks or 7 weeks out from the race I ran three sets and was between 2:49 and 2:52 paces. That was much closer to the race than we are to Boston at this point (10ish weeks out maybe). Too early to tell what shape I’ll be in for Boston but it was good to run faster this week and not feel any lingering pain.


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