Training in review 6 weeks away from the Boston Marathon

February 27, 2010

This week was another up week, I won’t get to the 75 to 78 miles for the week I was hoping but will be above 70 so I can’t complain too much. I’m pretty satisfied with where my training is this season. The first race prep was doable trying to hold a marathon goal pace (MGP) for a 2:45 marathon. This week we had some faster work, a 5k workout that alternated between 5k pace and half marathon goal pace (5:27 and 6:00 minutes/mile) and I managed that or very close to it. I don’t think I’m in 2:45 marathon shape yet but do feel like I’m fitter than I was for Portland, not bad considering I was hoping to maintain my fitness and not necessarily improve on it this season.

My training has been much more inconsistent this season, missed runs (2 days off on average per week) so lower mileage, less consistent with the gym (work travel), and not mentally geared up, and needing to make work and non-running life a priority. I’ll try to get back running six days a week and be consistent with the gym starting this week leading up to Boston and we’ll see what the race hold and what I set as my target after the second race prep next Sunday.

Overall: Satisfied with my fitness, less so with my ability to stick to training.


Some sanity to my paces but not too much

February 23, 2010

My last few posts may have mentioned my 5k pace work that’s coming up. I’ve been thinking that my goal pace should be a 5:20 but thanks to Chris I know it’s 5:27 so that means I get an extra 2ish second a lap. That’s based on a 2:45 marathon target. That may not sound like a lot to some people but 2 seconds at that effort level is huge.

So thanks Chris for the correction. It will still be painful as far as I’m concerned but maybe this will make it doable.

Do I need to switch from the Brooks Launch?

February 23, 2010

The answer is no. The reason I ask, today when we started our run at Rogue the “Brooks Launch Count” went up considerably. Just with the folks I noticed there were at least 5 guys wearing them today. I do really like them so I can’t blame anybody. My comments from my review still stand and I’m starting to wear the Launch almost exclusively for training now.

Track workout replaced by hills

February 23, 2010

Today was supposed to be a tough 5k/tempo workout on the track. The weather turned it into a hill workout, the Rogue golden oldie “the marshes”. Easy on the N/S streets and 10k ish effort on the E/W. I always find faster pace stuff (10k and 5k) challenging so not what I call fun. 2 complete up and down sets and each set was the same time. I didn’t feel strained or wiped out while running but it wasn’t easy either. I got in 14.5 for the day, the long cool down was a little tiring but it’s what I needed.

The track work is pushed to Thursday, not quite ready to run 5:20 paces for the 5k portion but I’ll give it a go.

First race prep for Boston Marathon 2010 done

February 14, 2010

Today team rogue had a few options for the race prep. I opted for the easier one, 4 sets of 3 miles at marathon goal pace or MGP with a total of 22 miles.

6:25, 6:25, 6:20
6:20, 6:18, 6:11
6:25, 6:11, 6:14
6:15, 6:20, 6:06

I’m not in 2:45 marathon shape but I think I’m fitter than I was for the Portland Marathon in 2009 where I finished just over 2:51 The first two miles were Enfield and Exposition so not much fun and I’m happy with the pace. 6:18 min/mile is 2:45 marathon pace.

On another note it was a great day for a number of the team running the Austin Marathon. Dan got his Boston qualifier, Muz ran 2:52 by effort as a training run and Niccole finished 2nd overall female in 2:55

Race Prep 1 tomorrow caps off two hard weeks of running

February 13, 2010

Tomorrow is our first race prep for Boston, an optional race prep. It’ll be interesting with 4 to 5 of us running it together knowing we’re all very different style runners with very different temperaments. I think it’ll end up being Asia, Damon, Chris, Muz and me. We’ll have 12 miles at MGP (6:20 min/mile) broken up into 4 sets of 3 miles. The first set is Exposition, so very hilly, then uphill and the last two sets are down hill.

My prediction on the run. 6:20 is a tough pace for me to sustain so I’m expecting 6:20 to 6:30. I know Asia is a killer on the downhills so on Exposition I’m expecting a back and forth experience. Then there’s Damon who I know will push the pace so I expect to see him pull away after the second set. Muz will hopefully run with us but either way he’ll be up with whomever is pushing the hardest. Then there’s Chris who we’ve all recently started running with. I could see him holding back or going out with Muz and Damon. Let’s see what actually happens tomorrow.

Brooks Green Silence Shoe Review

February 10, 2010

Today I got to run in my Brooks Green Silence for the first time and I have to say I like them.

Brooks Green Silence

I had an earlier post where I talked about the Mizuno Musha. The biggest difference for me has been the softness/coushion in the Green Silence over the Musha. I’m used to running in Mizuno’s and they’re not the most giving shoes and Musha are very light so I felt the road quite a bit in them on my 8 mile test run. My 10 mile run in the Green Silence today was better compared to the Musha in this area. The Musha had some more support but I felt fine in the Green Silence. The Green Silence did feel a little loose in the toe box before running but when I did run it felt fine. The other cool thing is the Green Silence has some cool features as far as the recyclables used in making them as well as the bio degradeble insole.

I don’t think I have the stability to train in these but these are starting to look like the front runner as my race shoes for the marathon. They’re very light, responsive and I like the cushioning they provide for my foot strike. Before deciding for sure if I’ll race in them I need to test them out on a faster run and see how they feel compared to the Musha at sub 6:30 min/mile paces.

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