Training in review 6 weeks away from the Boston Marathon

This week was another up week, I won’t get to the 75 to 78 miles for the week I was hoping but will be above 70 so I can’t complain too much. I’m pretty satisfied with where my training is this season. The first race prep was doable trying to hold a marathon goal pace (MGP) for a 2:45 marathon. This week we had some faster work, a 5k workout that alternated between 5k pace and half marathon goal pace (5:27 and 6:00 minutes/mile) and I managed that or very close to it. I don’t think I’m in 2:45 marathon shape yet but do feel like I’m fitter than I was for Portland, not bad considering I was hoping to maintain my fitness and not necessarily improve on it this season.

My training has been much more inconsistent this season, missed runs (2 days off on average per week) so lower mileage, less consistent with the gym (work travel), and not mentally geared up, and needing to make work and non-running life a priority. I’ll try to get back running six days a week and be consistent with the gym starting this week leading up to Boston and we’ll see what the race hold and what I set as my target after the second race prep next Sunday.

Overall: Satisfied with my fitness, less so with my ability to stick to training.


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