A compairson of my training leading up to Portland 2009 and Boston 2010

During the race in Portland I ended up getting injured so the start of Boston training didn’t quite go that well. I had to take a couple of weeks off and many down weeks. When I did start building my base mileage it took a while and Team Rogue was starting the hill phase or were right around that phase. To keep getting my weekly mileage where it needed to be I kept my long runs at +20 miles. I wanted to see how the weeks leading upto Portland and Boston compare to each other in the terms of mileage and long runs (keep in mind that I’m filling in the next week for Boston 2010 since I haven’t run it yet.

For the 12 weeks leading up to the race (excluding the last week of the race itself):

  • Total Long Run Mileage
    • Portland 2009 – 230
    • Boston 2010 – 260
  • Total Mileage
    • Portland 2009 – 793
    • Boston 2010 – 790

So pretty comparable. For Portland I had 7 long runs over 20 miles and for Boston it’s 9 (mainly so I could get my mileage where it needs to be). Looks like both are pretty comparable in mileage as well as workouts. Let’s see what the race in two weeks holds.


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