Chink in the armour

I definitely have a chink in the armour for Boston this year. I wasn’t sure if it would be a problem and I don’t think I really will till race day but it’s definitely there. It’s something to do with my obliques on the right side, they’re very tight and seem to be causing a kind of side stitch on some runs. The first time I felt something was during the second race prep (4 times 5 miles at MGP). Then it was this weekend on the long run when I had to walk a couple of times, then Tuesday during the steady state where I had to back off after 6 miles from the pace and run the remaining 4 miles easy. And there was today at the end of our 13 mile run, felt a little discomfort around mile 10 and then just we turned the corner for the finish to Rogue.

It’s tightness, possibly dehydration at some point I still haven’t gotten over, and a little strain in the muscle. It’s not the best mental state to go into Boston with but that’s where I am. I’ll try and run the Cap10k at MGP to see how things hold up and then possibly take the rest of the week very easy to let the muscles get some rest. All I can do now is stretch and hope that on Monday the 19th of April my body holds up for a little under 2 hours and 50 minutes 🙂


3 Responses to Chink in the armour

  1. Mark says:

    Psst: April, not October 😉 Monday the 19th of April.

    Yikes, take care of it, TLC.

  2. muz says:

    Hey I too have some of those but that will make us run faster cause the faster we finish, the less time there will be for the injury to occur:)
    Actually the first time i broke 3 hrs in MCM, I had that exact thought, injured my hamstring 2 weeks before the race doing a heel hook pull and when I went into the race with pain in my hamstring (it still is painful at certain times) I had the thought of quickly finishing the race before having the thing torn…
    We shall be good. Screw the pain, screw the injury, glory is eternal… Huh losing it there for a while 🙂

  3. jennhb says:

    You are so tough and know your body so well. A little downtime thisi week and you’ll be ready to hit your goal in Boston. Good luck!

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