Changing my race shoes from the Brooks Launch for the Boston Marathon

I’ve decided to change my race shoes for the Boston Marathon from the Brooks Launch which I ran Portland in. The new shoes are the Green Silence, also from Brooks. They have the same material for the sole as the Launch, are just over 6 oz in weight and feel great to run in.

Brooks Green Silence

I wrote while training for the Portland marathon why I switched to the Brooks Launch from Mizuno Percisions. The Launch are now my trainers. The Green Silence have a very similar feel to the launch from a softness standpoint but are lighter and have even better responsiveness. I’ve tested the Green Silence out on 3 runs now. The first was on the first 6 miles of a 16 mile run a month and a half ago. Then last weekend on a 16 mile run and then today during the Capital 10k where I was running at marathon goal pace. I think they have just the right amount of cushioning for a road race and marathon. When I tried the Musha from Mizuno they weren’t as soft, they kind of felt like my Percisions do after I have 200 miles on them from a “feeling the road every foot strike” standpoint so I don’t think I’ll be racing in them.

I do have one complaint about the Green Silence. The way the laces are done at the top they can really dig in, the good thing is right at the top on the tongue there are these slots you can use to feed the laces back in. I’ve had to do that so the laces stay on the tongue and don’t go off and directly onto my foot. Brooks, please look at that 🙂


One Response to Changing my race shoes from the Brooks Launch for the Boston Marathon

  1. izham says:


    I just bought Launch 3 day ago. Even though the colors are quite flashing but never mind, it is really comfortable. Worth buy!

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